1 = appeal, attractiveness, beauty, allure, drawing power, draw, pull factor, attraction, turn-on.
Ex. Indeed, if they are not successful in finding ways of renewing their original purpose and appeal, they are on their way to dissolution and displacement.
Ex. It is therefore one of the librarian's prime tasks to preserve the attractiveness of the stock for as long as possible.
Ex. The digital form in which we will send information through the network is one of the beauties of modern technology.
Ex. The article is entitled 'The perilous allure of moral imperativism'.
Ex. Nearly all librarians were enthusiastic about the drawing power of public access computers in spite of the drawbacks such as theft, noise and crowding.
Ex. The draw of earning up to 30 pounds per cadaver without risking life or limb proved too tempting for some of the more barbarous resurrectionists, however, leading them to commit murder.
Ex. Unsurprisingly such misuse is triggered by push factors, such as fear of failure, and also pull factors, such as ease of use and the ubiquitous cut and paste.
Ex. Subject-type title indexes have two important attractions.
Ex. Dr. James Houran discusses the different ways men and women show affection and addresses the top turn-ons and turn-offs with men and women.
* atractivo de la novedad = novelty appeal, novelty value.
* atractivo físico = physical attractiveness, physical appeal.
* atractivo novedoso = novelty appeal.
* atractivo sexual = sexiness, mojo, sex appeal.
* atractivo visual = visual appeal.
* perder el atractivo = lose + Posesivo + allure, lose + Posesivo + savour.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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